Avenue Primary School

Avenue Primary School is a large Primary School in the centre of Leicester City. It’s a diverse community of hundreds of children and dozens of teachers and support staff. For many years now, Avenue Primary has embraced the power of technology, all to the benefit of its pupils and staff. We have been delighted to help them capitalise on their forward-thinking mindset.

Our IT Solutions for a Large Leicester School

Over the years we have sourced, installed, maintained, and upgraded a number of crucial learning devices for Avenue Primary, including:

  • Laptops
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Interactive Whiteboards

These were all hand-picked by our experts and were chosen in accordance with the school’s budget. They are used by the whole school, including in Early Years where the children can engage with programs and games on computers, interactive whiteboards and tablets. One particularly useful programme is BeeBots, which helps children to learn about sequences and algorithms. Programs like this lay the foundation for a future of technological proficiency.

Moving up to Key Stages 1 & 2, the school recently introduced Kapow Primary to support their computer planning, and we have been able to support this by keeping them up to date with their devices, apps, software, and e-safety concerns. This has created a number of new and exciting ways for the pupils to engage with the National Curriculum – a particular favourite being the ability to create Top Trumps style cards using special design software!

Beyond that, we also of course act as the school’s technicians and support. We are available to the teachers at all hours of the school day, and if any issues should arise we act quickly to ensure that all lessons run smoothly. We work proactively (and reactive when necessary), and shoulder the various burdens of technology so the teachers of Avenue Primary School can do what they do best!

The Outcome of Professional IT Support for a Primary School

In addition to the peace of mind of full technical support, we have been able to provide the pupils of Avenue Primary the means to engage with and learn about technology in a way that will help them in the future. Technology is inevitably going to be a part of their later education and working life, so by encouraging IT proficiency from an early age, Avenue Primary are giving their pupils a distinct advantage!

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