Shenton Primary School

Shenton Primary is an international Primary School in Leicester. Its a diverse community of over 500 children from all around the world, with over 20 languages and several different religious groups being represented.

Head Teacher Gita Patel recognises that technology is an important life skill for the children to learn, and therefore places high value on its effective implementation. We are proud to support Gita and the teachers and pupils of Shenton Primary in this regard.

How We Provide IT Support for an International Leicester School

The school uses a wide range of computing equipment to support the curriculum, all of which we proactively monitor and upgrade when necessary. Once a week we come on-site to run checks and respond to tickets (and maybe have a chin-wag with the staff!), but if ever theres anything urgent, we are there in a flash to resolve the issue.

Computing is now a staple of the National Curriculum – but due to the often extreme workloads of teachers, it is not easy for them to keep up with the latest trends and developments in educational technology. Thats where we come in. We can proactively recommend, source, install, maintain, and upgrade all the equipment that is necessary to deliver the curriculum in an exciting and engaging way.

We also help with the e-safety side of things, which is indeed a very important part of the computing curriculum. We have worked with the leadership of Shenton Primary to provide educational e-safety resources to both pupils and parents, ensuring that children can safely engage with technology both at home and at school.

As it did with every school in the country, Covid present an unexpected and sizable challenge for Shenton Primary to overcome. Our job was to help accommodate the switch to remote learning by ensuring the children had everything they needed to continue their education. Working with the senior staff, we developed a plan to do just that, which involved rolling out and setting up 200 tablets for the children to use at home. Despite the logistical challenge, it was a great success!

The Outcome of Our IT Support for an International Leicester School

As we take care of all things IT for Shenton, it means the teachers are free to focus on their many crucial responsibilities, rather than having to worry about snags in technology. They are not required to be experts in hardware and software because we can recommend and implement everything for them.

But its not just the teachers that benefit; the children get to have all the fun with the cool gadgets and gizmos! By all accounts, the children have enjoyed using the technology to undertake exciting, unique projects. This benefits their learning in a number of ways, and helps to prepare them for what is sure to be a technologically-centric future!

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