Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful, highly-efficient cloud tool that allows your team to work to their full potential. With the ability to access your files from anywhere, built-in scalability, and regular security updates, youll wonder how you ever managed without!

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Office 365 Introduction

Microsoft has created an all around web office that you can use anywhere, and on any device for your home or business needs. Office 365 engages all of your office tools in one loaded with the most up-to-date features and more. Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook 365, Icloud, and Windows 10 just to name a few can all be found in Office 365. Give up the old way of going app to app, and adapt to this amazing updated and improved Microsoft Office. Office 365 will surely convince creatives to put away that keyboard time typing articles, essay or anything ever again with Voice Dictate in Office. Voice Dictate allows you to literally speak into existence the words you need to write and fulfill documents, memos, emails, and more. Are you running a business? Use Office 365 Business to securely manage and operate at the tip of your finger tips!

Office 365 for Home and School

Create amazing presentations and notes using the Ink Analysis PowerPoint feature. Feel free to draw and write as you please and watch the Ink Analysis PowerPoint transform your writing into text translation with just the press of a button. You can also bring any project to life with 3D models and Animations to spice up presentations and assignments. I personally love the Ink Analysis PowerPoint because it aids ones creativity. Ink Editor makes it super easy to edit without the hassle of being restricted to use a keyboard. You can strike through text, highlight, and more all with your pen or finger tip. What is not to love? Office 365 makes your life so much easier and organized to conquer any task fast and beautifully.

Office 365 for Business

Office 365 for Business is amazing for managing, marketing, and growing your company to its full potential. Office 365 Business helps you create your best online office, with tools such as Outlook 365, Icloud, and more to ensure you the complete package to success! Microsoft really put thought into developing an office built for those who work mostly online. Not only that, Office 365 allows you to complete important tasks in a more fun way to appeal any audience. Office 365 Outlook and 24/7 Chat enables communication with customers, employees, suppliers, or whoever is an important part of your business. You may also host meetings and receive extreme value from every detail created in Office 365. Work from anywhere on any device, whether you may be on or offline. Yes its true! Something we all have been waiting for, an offline office. Office 365 is a great subscription-based office giving you complete access to all the latest features, updates, and be securely protected by the safest program possible.This is Office definitely simplified to give you the freedom to choose solutions that for you and your business needs!

Features at a glance

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Team Chat Applications

External Users

Built-In Security

Real-Time Co-Authoring

Power Maps For Excel

Microsoft Planner With Workflows

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