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12th October 2022

A brief summary:

  • The outsourcing of your IT needs and management to another specialised company.
  • This can include hardware and software installations,troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • These specialised companies may be called MSP (Managed Service Providers), but what is the difference between MSPs and your standard IT support providers?

As technology continues to grow and expand it can often be difficult for businesses owners to keep up with this rapidly changing world as well as manage their business.

This is where MTS IT comes in, we take over all the IT aspects of your company meaning MTS IT will keep your technological needs as up to date as we can and ensure they are protected by the growing cyber crime.

Now you can focus on your organisation without the additional stress of managing your IT. This is a more cost-effective way of outsourcing, instead of needing to use an IT support provider when encountering a problem and getting charged extortionate amounts, MTS IT stop any problems occurring in the first place, saving you time that would be wasted if the problem meant you couldn’t work – all for a reasonable price.

So what do MTS IT actually do?

Put simply, managed IT services are provided by an external company, you’ll be effectively outsourcing much of the hard work required to set up, manage, and support your company’s IT infrastructure.

Exactly what is included with managed IT services will differ from provider to provider, but some of the services MTS IT provide are;

-Support for technical problems via telephone, web and even face-to-face

-Data security & encryption

-Printer set-up and deployment

-CCTV Set up

-Consulting and installation of hardware and software

If this is something you need help with, call us today for a chat!

Still not sure? 3 reasons why you should outsource your IT

  1. Cost effective

MTS IT runs a free support desk meaning you can call us for any urgent worries, but included in your price we provide all our services, face-to-face or video call. Meaning we are 100% dedicated and focused on your company and a healthy relationship between us. 

This ends up being much more cost-effective than an in-house tech specialist or relying on staggered support from IT providers.

  1. Flexible

IT is completely unpredictable, one day everything could be okay then suddenly  you experience a complete survey meltdown. With us no matter what the problem is, all you have to do is give us a call and we will deal with it and get you back on track.

  1. Suited to any size

In the past we’ve worked with companies of all sorts of sizes and needs. Recently, we’ve been working with a school with over 500 children. MTS IT helped them especially in the early days of Coronavirus lockdown with both setting up devices ready for home learning to hardware updating.

However, we also accommodate for and can support small businesses, so whatever the size of your company MTS IT are here to help.

Want to learn more?

If after reading this you think you need support managing your IT, give us a call today and we can discuss your options. 

0116 467 0155

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