6 Reasons To Outsource Your Cybersecurity

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16th November 2022

Cybersecurity has grown in importance for companies of all sizes, but so has the responsibility to protect sensitive data.

The complexity of which cybercrime has progressed can be attributed to the rapid advancements in the kinds of technology we use. More sophisticated methods are being used to exploit networks. So, defending against these threats now requires the role of dedicated, highly-skilled professionals to respond to incidents before damage occurs.

Businesses can begin to boost cybersecurity by enhancing their IT infrastructure, such as outsourcing to a managed DNS provider, integrating cloud-based IT services, and utilizing a professional VPN service.

What are the advantages of outsourcing to a managed cybersecurity provider?

Dedicated security specialists on-hand

It’s a major boost to any business to have a dedicated security team, but it’s particularly beneficial to smaller businesses that would otherwise be left in a lurch if their IT staff lack expertise.

Cybersecurity specialists can help with monitoring the tactics and behaviour of cybercriminals, identifying network vulnerabilities, and detecting and responding swiftly to incidents. Being able to fix issues quickly can prevent an attack from escalating, mitigating the knock-on effect on a company’s reputation with clients.

More cost-effective

Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand and thus call for higher salaries, rendering the option to hire an in-house security team unfeasible for many SMEs.

Even existing IT teams may be overwhelmed with the challenges that cybersecurity brings and take away the time spent simply managing IT networks and creating new solutions for the company. Cybersecurity is, therefore a full-time role in itself.

Also, keeping staff trained, responding to threats, and the cost of investigating and patching issues can put on a strain on company expenses over time.

Thankfully, managed cyber security service companies can provide SMEs with an affordable, tiered solution with an experienced team of security professionals.

Stay up-to-date as technology evolves

This is perhaps one of the best reasons for businesses to outsource cybersecurity solutions needs, as technology advances so too are the required skills and knowledge of cyber threats.

Not only are mobile devices being connected to corporate networks, but household or office appliances are creating more end-points which need to be assessed. But with such sophisticated network setups, it becomes cumbersome for human analysts to keep pace with such developments. Many cybersecurity companies are now turning to AI and machine learning to perform vulnerability scanning and threat detection.

So, by outsourcing to cybersecurity specialists, you’ll benefit from their ability to continually evolve with technology, which can be used to detect malicious activity and identify vulnerabilities with greater accuracy.

Ensure your business stays compliant

With GDPR in Europe, the onus is on companies to ensure they comply or face hefty fines in the event of a serious data breach. Therefore, businesses of all sizes must recognize the importance of safeguarding their data.

No businesses are considered to be a “low risk” target for cyber-attacks. Hackers are just as eager to infiltrate systems with malware or ransomware due to the very nature that smaller business owners may believe they’re immune. The consequences of a data breach can range from a loss of trust from customers or clients to damage to reputation, and even legal action.

Outsourcing to a dedicated team can instil more confidence that their IT infrastructure is up-to-date and personally identifiable information on clients or customers is kept safe from prying eyes.

Round the clock support

You’ll receive a greater level of service, with a team who can respond to threats 24/7. In the event of a cyberattack, the longer an incident goes unnoticed, the more damage can occur. A dedicated team can ensure there’s less downtime during an incident, which reduces the knock-on effect on other business operations.

Helps to educate in-house IT staff

If you have an in-house IT team but intend to Outsource your Cybersecurity services. Operations to an external company then can have a huge benefit to your staff in gaining new knowledge and skills.

Dedicated cyber security specialists can help to identify vulnerability assessments within networks, operating systems, and web applications, which many IT staff may be unaware of. By working in tandem with externally managed service providers, you can help reduce the risk of security breaches occurring through human error by uncovering blind spots within your own team.

When it comes to cybersecurity outsourcing, going it alone may prove to be a costly mistake for most businesses. The high level of knowledge and skills required to identify and respond to threats can stretch far beyond what many businesses have within their in-house IT team. Therefore, outsourcing to a dedicated security service provider relieves much of the pressure of securing company data and gives peace of mind knowing you have a solid team of professionals ready to fend off bad actors.

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