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12th April 2022

So, you want to learn more about MTS IT’s business plans. Well coming to our website is probably a good first step.

At MTS IT we provide a wide range of services and support packages and we are happy to tailor your plan to meet the needs of your establishment.

We get asked a lot of questions about what we offer. In this blog, we will cover some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked about MTS IT and our business plans.

What are the benefits of managed IT?

In the right hands, your IT can create many opportunities for your school or business. With the expertise of a managed IT provider, technology can be leveraged to provide enhanced efficiency, communication, security, scalability, and profitability. But perhaps the best part is that it is totally hassle-free!

Will you support us on-site as well as remotely?

Yes! As your local IT partner, we pay regular visits to your premises to run the necessary checks and implement any upgrades. And while most issues can be resolved remotely, we will be at your door whenever you need us.

I need to get Cyber Essentials certified, can you help?

Cyber Security is one of our top priorities here at MTS. We will of course get you your Cyber Essentials certification, and continuously make sure you are fully protected against all forms of cyber attacks.

Is your help desk really free?

Yes! You can call our experts and get answers to your questions free of charge. However, if we end up doing any remote or manual support work, we do charge for that – but you will of course always be notified of any costs before we proceed.

What size of business do you support?

Typically we work with businesses that employ anywhere between 5 and 50 people, but we are happy to talk to businesses of any size to see if, and how, we can help!

How easy is it to change managed IT providers?

Our onboarding process is smooth, simple and hassle-free. If you currently have a managed IT provider, there are a couple of extra steps to take, but we will guide you through the entire process.

We hope that any misconceptions about our business plans have been cleared up and that you have had your questions answered. Perhaps you have more questions or just wish to have a chat with us?

Whatever your reason for reading this blog we are happy that you did and if you are interested in reading more please consider visiting our knowledge hub here.

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