Why You NEED IT Support

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13th April 2022

You wouldn’t open a call centre without hiring people to answer the phone. You wouldn’t buy a car and expect it to drive itself (unless it was a Tesla). So why would you invest in technology, without hiring a professional IT support team?

Businesses today need technology. This means they also need professional IT support. It is an essential role in any organisation, big or small. This article will show you just how important professional IT support really is.

Six reasons IT support is so important

Here are six of the biggest reasons why having professional IT support is so important.

24/7 IT Support for Your Business

Are today’s computers and software more advanced and reliable than ever? Absolutely. Does that mean you’ll never run into problems? No, it does not. No IT system is perfect therefore IT support for your business is essential. Many IT problems occur out of the blue. This can be a mere frustration for some businesses, whereas, for others, it can put a halt to their operations and their ability to make money.

Data storage and management.

A professional IT support team will help your business store and manage important data. Their role will be to make sure your data is stored in a secure environment and is easily accessible. If you don’t have the support of an IT team, you could end up giving access permissions to the wrong people or storing data in a vulnerable location. This can be a big issue where data protection is concerned.

Protection against cybercriminals.

Do you know how to detect and avoid the full spectrum of malware and viruses? You probably have some knowledge, but it’s pretty safe to say that an IT support team has more. They can help defend your IT infrastructure against digital threats. In a world where cybercrime is only becoming a bigger and bigger problem.

Effective solutions to tricky problems.

You might know how to work your company’s systems, but do you know what to do if something goes horribly wrong? A professional IT support team can analyse technical troubles and deliver highly-skilled solutions. Even if you are using software that comes with customer support, a dedicated team may be able to fix the issue faster than the software provider can.

Seamless communication.

A support team can configure your systems to ensure seamless communication channels between colleagues, customers and stakeholders alike. From configuring your company’s email servers to video conferencing software, they will put all your pieces into place.

Comprehensive Monitoring

It is important to monitor the performance of a business’s internal and external operations at every stage. An IT support team can help refine a business’s core operations including quality control, facilities planning and logistics.

Comprehensive monitoring is also a must for companies offering online services to customers. This is to prevent their services and security from being jeopardized.

What to look for in a great IT support team

If you are thinking of outsourcing your IT support needs, then here are some qualities to look out for. Follow this advice to ensure you end up with a reliable team that can really help your business:

  • Sometimes, IT issues need dealing with yesterday, therefore you need a responsive team. Look for a service that gives you a guaranteed response time, and a single point of contact.
  • Cost shouldn’t be your top priority, but you should definitely keep it in the equation. Get quotes from a handful of providers who you can trust to do a good job, and see how each fits into your budget.
  • Ask any provider to show you what qualifies them to keep your systems running smoothly.

Whether you are hiring in-house or outsourcing, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of an IT support team. The success of your business relies on it.

Professional on hand

Outsourcing roles such as IT support services, bookkeeping and marketing is now a common path for businesses of all sizes. By having the right professional on hand but not on permanent payroll, you can get the benefits of their expertise without the added costs.

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