The Benefits of an IT Support Helpdesk

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19th April 2022

Having access to an IT Support Helpdesk is something often associated with larger organisations. The reality is that for a modest monthly outlay, businesses of all sizes can have access to enterprise-level IT support. In this article, we look at the Top 10 business benefits of using an IT Support helpdesk

24/7 support for day-to-day issues

Most calls to support helpdesks don’t relate to big IT issues; they are actually from employees with small technical queries.

Support for remote workers

Enabling remote working and maintaining at least some degree of commercial operation. But it has also highlighted the need to provide technical support to home workers. Access to immediate remote support wherever and whenever employees need to work can make all the difference.

Escalation to high-level support

Occasionally, a critical fault may occur in your network will emerge that needs immediate intervention. A support desk with escalation protocols to deal with this can address an incident quickly.

We all know how frustrating IT can be…

Few things are as frustrating as having a deadline to meet only to find that a printer won’t work or a document disappears without a trace. If you have access to a Service Desk, very often, the solution is no more than a phone call away. No company can guarantee that IT issues won’t occur for their employees but providing technically skilled, reliable and responsive support can have a significant impact on employee contentment.

Focus on the bigger picture

Having access to an external Service Desk to service the day-to-day user-support requests for software and hardware issues frees up in-house IT staff to focus on bigger, more strategic tasks.

More efficient IT support

The broad-based credentials, experience and training of technical specialists within the Support Desk team allows them to deal with more than day-to-day user support. They can address a variety of system errors and supplement the expertise of internal IT employees, allowing the business to reduce the size of its internal team and support IT operations more efficiently.

Proactive interventions

IT Support Helpdesk engineers practise incident management to help spot problems before they occur, identifying the root cause of frequent recurring incidents. This allows you to protect yourself from external threats, and prevent issues from becoming a larger problem.

Shared knowledge

IT Support Desk personnel provide support to many companies so can bring shared knowledge and best practice while respecting confidentiality and security.

Greater efficiency and lower costs

IT specialists not only support your employees, but they can recommend tools that make it easier to communicate and collaborate on tasks. Additionally, they can help justify IT spending where necessary to optimise your investment.

Whether you are supporting home workers, your internal IT team or outsourcing your IT support entirely, we are here to help. To find out more about IT Support Helpdesk Support from MTS IT, give us a call on 0116 467 0155 or email

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