What does an IT support team do? Part 1

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27th April 2022

“IT support” – sounds simple enough, but it’s a bit of a vague term, isn’t it? We like to keep things straightforward here at MTS IT, so today we’re going to talk you through what an IT support team actually does, in plain English…

By the way, you’ll notice we’ve put ‘part 1’ in the title. That’s because there’s so much an IT support team does that we’re going to have to cover it in more than one post! Let’s start with the basics.


Got an IT problem that nobody in the office is techy enough to answer? That’s what your trusty IT support team is there for. Here at MTS IT, we offer an around-the-clock IT support helpdesk, seven days a week, so that we’re always at the end of the phone if there’s something you need help with. Even if it’s printer problems!

Proactive monitoring and responding to issues before they escalate

When you’re running a business and juggling the numerous different jobs that entail, it’s unlikely you’re going to have time to check in with your IT systems even daily, let alone the 24/7 monitoring they really need to make sure they’re always running smoothly. That’s where an IT support team comes in.

Our 24/7 proactive remote IT monitoring massively reduces the chances of something going wrong, as it means we’ll quickly notice if something’s amiss and we can take preventative measures to stop it from growing into a big problem for your business. There’s a lot more to IT monitoring than we have room to discuss here, so we’ll talk about that more in our next post.

Routine maintenance

IT systems change all the time as new updates come out, novel cybersecurity threats surface and hardware needs replacing. An IT support team is there to keep on top of all this, providing ongoing server support and routine upgrades and maintenance for hardware and software. Not only that, but we’ll automatically install software updates, security patches and server upgrades as soon as they’re available, keeping the time your IT systems may be vulnerable to a new threat to an absolute minimum.

Advising on equipment

It’s all too easy to accumulate IT equipment over the years, and you can reach the point when it’s no longer the most efficient way to run your IT systems. A good IT support team will be able to advise on the optimal way to set up your IT systems, from hardware such as laptops and printers to the software you run on it. As well as keeping your systems running smoothly, this can also save you money!

Disaster recovery

We all hope the worst will never happen, but if it does, it’s good to know you’ve got an IT support team there to help with the recovery process. Whether it’s a fire in the office or a big power outage, an IT support team is there to help keep costly downtime to an absolute minimum.

There’s so much more to what an IT support team does, and in our next post we’ll be talking a bit more about one of the many important aspects of our work: IT monitoring! In the meantime, if you’re already thinking about outsourcing your IT support, give us a ring on 0116 467 0155 or email us at info@mts-it.com to find out more about how we can help!

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